NHF Annual Meeting Scholarship Application

NHF's 69th Annual Meeting Thursday, August 24, 2017 - Saturday, August 26, 2017 Chicago, IL

NHF’s Annual Meeting enables the bleeding disorders community to come together and exchange information on a wide variety of topics, from the basics of hemophilia and von Willebrand disease to the latest research breakthroughs and new drug therapies. Further, the three-day conference provides the premier opportunity for networking and support for individuals and families affected by bleeding disorders.

If you are interested in attending the NHF Annual Meeting in Chicago you can apply for a scholarship. Please fill out the application in full and submit by February 28, 2017. NHF NV will not accept incomplete applications.


PLEASE NOTE: NHF NV allows up to 4 people per household to apply. Should you be selected, you can bring additional family members at your own expense. This policy allows us to bring more families!

Your application will be successfully completed when you receive an e-mail confirmation from NHF NV. Grant recipients will be determined through an equitable selection process conducted by a volunteer review team and will be notified by Saturday, April 1, 2017.

NOTE: You must be 18+ to complete the application.

Please respond to the following questions:
Describe your reasons for wanting to attend the NHF Annual Meeting.
Please describe your situation that necessitates you to need this scholarship/financial assistance to attend the meeting.
Please answer the following only for yourself.
Is this your first NHF Annual Meeting?
What year was the last NHF Annual Meeting that you and/or the members of your household attended? If not applicable, write N/A.*
Do you or have you/any of the members of your household participate in any of the following activities through NHF or its local Chapters? (Check all that apply).*
Due to limited budget, please select ONLY the types of assistance that you TRULY need to travel to this meeting. This will allow NHF to select additional families.Note: Approved applicants automatically will receive registration.
*Please note ground transportation to and from the airport and parking at your local airport is not covered by NHF NV. In addition, rental cars are not reimbursed.
Please select either "Person with a bleeding disorder" or "Family Member of a person with a bleeding disorder" for the question below.
Community Member Description (check all that apply)*
Do you see the Nevada HTC

If selected, NHF NV allows up to four (4) members (including you) living in the same household to attend, pending budget criteria.

Please include names and ages of other family members you want to bring with you. If there is no one else, write N/A.

NOTE: Each scholarship recipient agrees to write a letter to provide feedback regarding their experiences at NHF's Annual Meeting for possible use in NHF NV publications or on its website. Registration for NHF's Annual Meeting implies consent that any photos or video taken during the meeting and NHF-related events can be used by NHF for Annual Meeting coverage and promotional purposes. If registrant has no current affiliation with a bleeding disorders chapter/association in your area, NHF NV reserves the right to share your contact information with its staff. To the best of my knowledge all of the answers on this form have been answered truthfully.